What am I doing recently

Well, I was a bit busy recently. I even find it difficult to update my blogs regularly. To summerize my activity during these days, the following is a brief.

  • Just coming back from Chaing Mai. Stayed in a very nice hotel for four nights (with the expense of WHO and CDC). Attending a training conducted by WHO. Hope I did not get H1N1.
  • My sister and my father are visiting me in Thailand. I was busy sending them to all the places in Bangkok (either shopping centers or restaurants). My sis got fever while she was in Thailand, and went back to Singapore with fever. She was really scared that she got H1N1 (not because she is afraid of that swine flu, but afraid of being quarantined). I gave her a few tablets of paracetamol to take while on the plane. Fortunately, she passed the Singapore immigration and health check undetected. Now, Singapore has at least one unreported H1N1.
  • Back to a small town in Thailand. Back to rat race.
  • Bought a new Olympus binocular. Hope it will be very useful next time I visited Myanmar (Burma) especially near Kandawgyi Park and Inya Lake.
  • Bought a new Nokia Music Express 5800. Bought is just because it was cool, but found it very useful as I can now check my gmail, access the GPS map and see my blog statistics on the go.
  • Bought a new Acer Netbook. Very small, very light, but the battery last incredible 6 hours! Now, I bring it everywhere I go.
  • Set up a broad band internet at home (another house). They said broadband, but it seems like running at the same speed as the internet cafes in Myanmar. Sometimes very slow. It is from TT&T. Don’t use it if you can.
  • I am now planning to buy a new video camera (camcorder). Like the Cannon camcorder with SD card.
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