Myanmar Thingyan

Bagan Thingyan

Now is the time for celebration. The whole country of Myanmar (Burma) is celebrating Thingyan or water festival this week. Not only in Myanmar, but also among Burmese communities all over the world are celebrating Thingyan. In case you don’t know what thingyan is, Thingyan is the celebration for the Myanmar New Year. You can read about Myanmar Thingyan in the article I wrote on Today in Myanmar at Myanmar Thingyan[.....]  read more

Thingyan (or) Water Festival Blogs on

There are now two Thingyan (or) Water Festival blogs recently posted on the blogger. One is the whose official name is “Who is where during Thingyan”. As its name says, the site is about where will the celebrities be during Thingyan. Another one is created by Service Plus. This blog is more informative with more than 20 members writing various articles. You can also send your article to them or ask to be a blog member. [.....]  read more