Thai Online Digital Camera Stores

If you want to buy digital cameras, lens and accessories online in Thailand, or just want to check price and offer (which is a better option), here are a few digital camera stores online. All of them have many branches in Bangkok and all over Thailand, so you can simply go to one of their stores and buy your thing.

Big Camera – This is one of the largest photographic, digital camera and camera accessories store chain in Thailand.

Photo Hut – Another camera and accessories store chain.

Fotofile – This store chain sells only professional digital cameras and accessories, as well as second hand film cameras.

For a really good movie in Bangkok, head to Lido

If you want to watch really good international movies in Bangkok, go to Lido House. Situated in Siam Square, which is the Heart and Soul of Bangkok, the old movie theatre shows many internationally acclaimed movies all over the world. The three theatres at Lido show international movies that the main stream cinemas usually don’t show. Some of the movies include those from Japan, Korea, Iran, Africa, and Eastern Europe as well as from US and other countries. The theatre is in the first floor (or second floor if take the ground floor as the first floor) in a building on the Sukhumvit Road, just near the Siam Sky train station. [.....]  read more

Nakhon Pathom

The following is from Au, my beloved wife who lives in Nakhon Pathom.

If you want to visit a quiet charming town, why don’t you come to Nakhon Pathom province. It is just a small town which is very near to Bangkok and takes only 50 minutes to arrive there.

I am the one who lives in Nakhon Pathom and proudly presents my hometown. If you are bored at the traffic in Bangkok, please think of Nakhon Pathom as your choice. There, you will see a lot of interesting places which relate to Thai history and plenty of delicious foods that can make your stomach full. [.....]  read more

Tips on Trip to Kanchanaburi, Thailand

A few more tips about a trip to Kanchanaburi. The bus to Kanchanaburi leaves every hour starting from 4 am until late at night from Southern Bus Terminal near Pinklao. You can take a bus there or more convemiently, by a taxi. Ask for Kanchanaburi ticket box to a guard as the terminal is a little confusing. You don’t need to book a ticket in advanced as it is very easy to get a ticket. It takes about two hours to Kanchanaburi. When you get there, you can hire a pick up near the bus station. You should visit the Hell Fire Pass Museum, and the Tiger Temple where they keep tigers and you can take photos with the tigers. Don’t worry. They won’t bite you. And from there, take a train back to Kanchanaburi. The train actually goes back to Bangkok, but the trip from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok is really boring. So take off at Kanchanaburi after taking photos at the Bridge over river Kwai.
Oh, by the way, don’t forget to visit the JEATH War Museum and Allied War Cemetry there too. [.....]  read more

Getting Married in Thailand?

Are you getting married in Thailand? What should you do? What are the requirements? Who could help you? Find out all these here.

I want to marry a Thai. What should I know. Here is an advice from Sunbelts Legal Advisors. If you think the procedures are too complicated, you can ask their help.

Another handy advice for getting married in Thailand also comes from Octopus Travel site. They give you quite detailed information which is quite useful. [.....]  read more

Buying Electronics and Computers online in Thailand

Well, it is really difficult to find the price of something online in Thailand. The vendors usually don’t have online presence in Thailand. If they ever have a website, they are usually poorly designed and lack any online purchase function. But I recently found a website from Hardware House, a reputable Thai computer and accessories vendor. Although they don’t sell things online, they have a list of their available products with price list. You can find many Hardware House vendor shops at Panthip Plaza in Bangkok. [.....]  read more

Fire at MBK, Bangkok, Thailand

Yesterday afternoon around 5.30 PM, I went to MBK, a famous shopping complex in Bangkok near Siam Square. To my surprise, the center was closed! I first noticed the linking bridges connecting the National Stadium BTS sky train station and the MBK center was deserted. Usually, it was packed with people. Then I found out that the center was closed. We thought something happened at the center but there was no police, no ambulance, no fire fighter. Just closed. Then we found out about the fire. [.....]  read more