Myanmar (Burmese) Food Restaurant in Bangkok

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For those Myanmar food lovers living in Thailand or visiting Thailand, it is not always easy to find Myanmar food in Thailand. We at Myanmar Today would like to point those Myanmar food lovers to a Myanmar restaurant in the center of Bangkok. There is one Myanmar restaurant near Bumrungrad International Hospital near Sukumvit Soi 1. The restaurant does not have a special name – simply called “Myanmar Cuisine”, and serve authentic and delicious Myanmar food to customers. Each set meal consists of one serving of rice and one dish and cost around 50 baht (less than 2 US dollar), which is considered quite reasonable. The restaurant serves around 20 dishes for breakfast and lunch. During breakfast, they also serve Monhingha (Burmese rice noodle soup). You can also order Burmese style milk tea for your breakfast or lunch. Popular dishes serve here include Burmese style pork curry, fried roselle leaves, Burmese style chicken liver curry, and fish curry. The restaurant regrettably does not serve halal food though. The staffs are quite friendly and food preparation and display are quite clean. The restaurant usually closes around 4 PM so dinner is not an option here. [.....]  read more

Opening of Seven-Eleven

Seven-Eleven is probably the most popular convenient store in Thailand. Found almost every street in cities and towns across Thailand, it is rather strange to live in a town without one in it. The small town I live in, although only two and half hours’ drive from Bangkok, did not have a Seven-Eleven store. It is really inconvenient, as sometimes, it is difficult to find a snacks, food or any accessory. In Thailand, a town without a Seven-Eleven can be considered very outback. However, today, the town opens its first Seven-Eleven store. [.....]  read more

Extremely Cold in Thailand

During the end of December and early January this year, the weather in Thailand is extremely cold. I was in Ratchaburi and in Nakhon Pathom, and the weather there is very cold, even during the day time. Last year winter was not cold as this year. Even when I use the warm water machine to take a shower, as soon as I get off the shower, I was shaking with cold. In the early morning when I take shower, I cannot really wash properly. I just stand under the warm water shower and rub with a few soap bubble. Once I get off, I was shaking. Even when I wash my hands during midday, my hands become cold and numb. At night, we were fighting for the blanket. The temperature in Nakhon Pathom is around 14 degrees Celsius which is considered cold in the central Thailand. In some parts in the north, the temperature is as low as a few degrees Celsius above zero. It seems this year is the coldest month in recent years in Thailand. [.....]  read more

Happy New Year: One Hundred Million Times

“People in Thailand sent more than 100 million Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Message Service (MMS) messages during the New Year’s holiday.

The estimates were made by the third largest wireless firms: Advance Info Service known as AIS, Total Access Communication or DTAc, and True Move. [.....]  read more

Getting Thai Work Permit

If you ever tried to get a work permit in Thailand, you will know how complicated it is. Not that it is difficult to get, but the sheer complication of the work permit procedure make it excessively frustrated and stressful. Let me give you a brief overview of Thai work permit procedure.

To get a work permit, you must have a non-immigrant visa. Any non-immigrant visa type is OK, but usually, this will be type B non-immigrant visa. You have to get this non-immigrant visa before entering Thailand. If you enter with tourist visa, you cannot change to non-immigrant visa (except under some certain circumstances). To get a non-immigrant visa, you need some documents from your employer. The required documents include letter from your organization stating your appointment, your job contract together with your job description, and the letter from Thai authority (this usually is approval letter from Thai Ministry of Labour, or if your are working for NGO, a letter from Ministry of Interior). Don’t worry, these will be handled by your employer. However, here lies some complications, depending on where you apply for your visa, and your country of origin. Some embassies ask for the air ticket itinery, to show that you are going out of Thailand before the expiry date of your visa. Believe me, this is rediculous but it happened to many people. Not all embassies though ask for this, but it is wise to prepare this document to avoide inconvenience. Some embassies will give you only type “O” (dependent) visa if you don’t have a work permit. (Well, you are applying for a work permit!) Don’t argue, there is no difference, Whether you get type O or type B. [.....]  read more

Getting a one year marriage visa in Thailand

Getting a one year marriage visa extension in Thailand is not difficult if you meet the requirements and know the procedure.
According to Thai immigration law, if you are married to a Thai (man or woman), you are entitled to apply for one year marriage visa. However, there are a few legal requirements for this.
1. You must have a valid marriage certificate. Your certificate can be a Thai one or from another country. This marriage certificate must be in Thai or in English. If it is in other language, you must first translate it into English, which must be certified by your embassy in Thailand.
2. If your marriage is a customary marriage, this is not considered legal in Thailand. You must be able to show the original certificate issued by the legal authority in your country.
3. Both you and your partner must earn at least 40,000 baht a month. This is an average calculated on the income during the whole year. And this income is the total income of both the couple. For example, if you earn 25,000 baht and your spouse earns 15,000 baht, the total becomes 40,000 baht. You will have to submit the evidence of this income. If you work in Thailand and have paid tax to Thai tax authority, this can be used as evidence. Or your embassy can issue a statement of your income, or your tax payment record in your home country. Any document that is not issued by the Thai authority or your embassy in Thailand muse be certified by your embassy in Thailand. Either you or your spouse can be the sole earner, as long as the total income is more than 40,000 baht.
Now let’s see the procedure.
First make sure you have all the necessary documents. Here is a list.
1. Your passport, with non-immigrant type “O” visa. If this is not type “O”, you need to change it to type “O” first. This can be done at the Bangkok immigration office. Make a photocopy of your passport together with the visa page, and your entry stamp.
2. Your marriage certificate. This has to be in Thai or in English. If not, make a translation with your embassy’s certification.
3. Evidence of income. For your spouse, get the Por-Ngor-Dor 91 from the Thai tax office. If you pay your tax in Thailand, you can also get this document and use it as evidence. Otherwise, get the tax payment certificate from your Embassy. Also bring a letter from your job stating your position and your salary.
4. Take photos of you and your wife in the living room, in front of the house where you stay (preferably with the house number appearing in the photo), your closet with you and your wife’s clothes together. Also bring along 2 or 3 photos of your wedding. Now, glue them on a sheet of A4 paper. You will need to submit this.
5. Make a map of your house. Clearly mark your house on the map.
6. Fill the necessary form. You can get the form at the immigration office. Ask the officer at the information counter what you want to do. (Extension of marriage visa/non-immigrant visa “O”).
7. Additional documents:
A) Work permit – if you have one.
B) Letter from your spouse stating his/her position and salary.
If you have all the necessary documents, go to the Bangkok immigration office together with your spouse. This has to be done within one month before the expiry of your non-immigrant “O” visa (visa is 3 months). Go there around 2 weeks before the expiry date, in case you need more time if they ask for more documents. Go there early, avoiding Monday and Friday (usually more crowded). Get a queue card at the counter, and wait for your call. Submit the documents to the immigration officer. Be nice to him/her. She is the one who is going to decide. The immigration officer will check that you meet the requirements. Show the original if she/he asks for them. The officer will then ask you and your spouse some specific questions. Usually, they are about how you meet, when you get married, about each other’s family, etc. This is to make sure that you really get married. (There are some false marriages just to get one year visa!)
If the officer is satisfied with you, you will be given one month extension, and ask you to come back again on the appointed date. This is exactly the expiry date of the visa extension. If you get this one month extension, it means they accept you. Otherwise, they will tell you why they cannot give you an extension. Go back on the exact date. If you go even one day early, the chance is, your visa is not approved yet. You will have another 11 months extension.
Remember one thing. Although you get one year extension, you still need to report to the immigration office every 90 days. Failure to do so will result in a harsh fine. And your visa is invalid once you leave the country, so get the single or multiple entry visa on the same day you get your 11 month extension at the same office. [.....]  read more

Damneon Saduak Floating Market

In Floating Market

We just visited Damneon Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi, Thailand. It is a famous floating market built along a man made canal in Ratchaburi. Sellers row boats along a narrow canal and sell things. The market usually starts early around 7 AM but does not reaches its peak until around 9 AM when lots and lots of tourists flood the market and turn the market into Floating Tourists! If you really want to enjoy the market, I advise to got there before 7 AM in the morning and take a boat ride. A boat ride will take around 45 mins and cost 100 baht per head or 500 baht per boat (maximum 6 per boat). [.....]  read more

Stay away from Bangkok for a while

Because of the fresh violence erupted overnight in Bangkok among PAD and the government supporters, and the declaration of the state of emergency in Bangkok, I think it is better to stay away from Bangkok right now. I am away from Bangkok in a small town, and have not plan yet to go to Bangkok for a while so I will be safe. It is also better to check with the airlines to make sure that the airport will not be shut down, as the unions are planning to shut down all the electricity, water supply, telecommunication and transportation including airports. [.....]  read more

Foreign Exchange Rate in Thailand (Baht)

Somebody ask me what is the current exchange rate in Thailand. You can check out the current exchange rate at one of the Thai Bank websites. Here is a quick link.

Kasikorn Thai Bank

Siam Commercial Bank

Bangkok Bank

In Thailand, you can find money exchanges from banks everywhere. Usually, the rate the other money exchanges give is around 0.50 baht higher but sometimes it is difficult to find one. [.....]  read more