Visitor opinion on 2010 Myanmar election

Myanmar Today blog is currently running a visitor opinion survey on Myanmar’s upcoming election in 2010. The blog is running a poll on the topics that everybody is interested in:

  1. should NLD participate in 2010 election?
  2. will Myanmar’s 2010 election be free and fair?
  3. will NLD win, if it participates, in 2010 election?

Please visit opinion survey on Myanmar’s 2010 election on Myanmar Today blog and vote your opinion.

ျမန္မာယေန ့ ဘေလာ့ေပၚမွာ ၂၀၁၀ ခုနွစ္ ျမန္မာျပည္ ေရြးေကာက္ပြဲနဲ ့ ပတ္သက္လို ့ လာေရာက္ လည္ပတ္ သူေတြရဲ့ သေဘာထား အျမင္ေတြကို သိရေအာင္ ဆာေဗး တစ္ခု တင္ထားပါတယ္။ လူတိုင္း သိခ်င္ ေနတဲ့ အခ်က္ေတြ ျဖစ္တဲ့ [.....]  read more

New Korean movie news website

There is a new Korean movie news website for all those fans of Korean stars. The Korean movie news site has a collection of news stories, photos, biographies and video about Korean movie stars, film stars, pop stars, Korean entertainment industry. The artucles are updated daily and there are more than 10,000 news stories about Korean stars on this site. This site is written in English and is a must see site for Korean film lovers. [.....]  read more

A new spam – becareful

Just yesterday, I got a few spam messages in my gmail. The message seems authenticated for unobserved eyes. It uses the real email address of the people you know, and the real name of the one you know. The person said in the SPAM mail that he was visiting London, and his money was stolen. Now he said he doesn’t have any money left, not even money to pay for the hotel bills. Moreover, the hotel phone line was also cut off by the robbers (fishy, huh?), so he cannot call his home or his friends. Then he begged me to send him money (1350 pound) via Western Union to his name (REAL NAME) to England! I was very surprised to see this. I know the person and I know he is very rich. I know he travels frequently all over the world. But the eamil does not have my name in the greeting. This one really looks like spam, and my gmail spam filter also catches it as a spam. And the sender email address is also the real email address. It is a Yahoo mail address. I am not sure how the spammers got hold of this information, but I know this is a SPAM. So next time you got a similar urgent email from one of your contact begging for money, be very careful. This might be a spam. [.....]  read more

Happy New Year: One Hundred Million Times

“People in Thailand sent more than 100 million Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Message Service (MMS) messages during the New Year’s holiday.

The estimates were made by the third largest wireless firms: Advance Info Service known as AIS, Total Access Communication or DTAc, and True Move. [.....]  read more

Problems with WordPress Link Directory

I installed the WordPress Link Directory a few days ago. There are some bugs with this wordpress plugin to display link directory. The capcha is not working, displaying error messages all the time. So I disabled the capcha, which makes my directory vulnerable to spam attacks. After that comes the error when I approve the submitted links in my admin panel. I cannot approve any of the submitted links. I search the internet for the problem, and found some suggestions about email function when somebody submit a link to the directory. So I disable all the email functions. After that, every thing seems to be ok. All the submissions are ok, all the approval are also ok. All the new categories are also working, and all the links are displaying properly. So it went find for a few days. [.....]  read more

Today in Myanmar – A New Myanmar Information Website

There is now a new Myanmar information website for the foreigners who want to know more about Myanmar. Today in Myanmar is a new website on Myanmar culture, custom, travel information, travel advice, Myanmar life, Myanmar food, interesting places in Myanmar, information on hotels, guest houses, restaurants and many other useful information on Myanmar. I was also invited to write articles related to Myanmar on this website on Myanmar. You can visit Today in Myanmar and give me some comments on the articles I write. [.....]  read more

Facial Recognition is FLAWED

“Vietnamese security firm BKIS proved that all Asians look alike – to a computer; the firm showed it can fool any popular face-recognition “security” system in any brand-name notebook computer quite easily with a photo; the built-in webcams on Toshiba, Lenovo and similar notebooks scan eyes and similar conspicuous features, and BKIS simply enhanced those facial parts on the otherwise normal photos to fool the computers; companies that have been hyping facial-recognition as superior to fingerprints or simple passwords had no immediate comment.” [.....]  read more

Upgrade to WordPress 2.7

Yesterday, I upgraded to wordpress 2.7. Visitors would not notice a thing but it really is cool for the admin. The new wordpress has a more user friendly layout, althoug a bit confusing at first. It is easier to publish a new post now, and the new collapsable menues are very convenient and more user friendly. And all my old plugins and widgets work well with the new wordpress. [.....]  read more

Prepaid GSM mobile phone cards to be available soon in Myanmar

According to some internet news, prepaid GSM SIM cards will be available in Myanmar soon. According to unofficial reports, these GSM SIM cards are to be sold in US dollars initially, aiming at tourists coming to Myanmar. Although the price is yet to be confirmed, it is rumoured that the SIM cards will be sold at around 50 US dollars each. Each SIM card will comes with US$ 10 worth of credit. The prepaid top up cards will be sold in cards of US$ 10, US$ 30 and US$ 50. US$ 10 card will have validity of one week, US$ 30 with 3 weeks and US$ 50 with 5 weeks validity. The air time can be top up before the expiry date. Although there is no official announcement yet, some officials disclosed that the charges will be US$ 0.30 per minute for out going domestic call and US$ 0.05 (or 0.15?) for the incoming call. The charge for overseas call is said to be US$ 1.2 per minute. (It is not clear if this is a flat rate or additional rate on top of normal overseas rate). [.....]  read more

Improvement on Bamarlay’s Diary

I have added some new improvements to Bamarlay – Myanmar Man’s Diary. First, I cleaned up some clatters in my side bar. This makes the site cleaner, easier to read and more user friendly. Second, I added a custom greeting message at the top of the page. It will greets the new users and the old users differently. Third, I added a new archives and category page . Users can now browse the whole range of archives and categories on a separate page. I also added a new article submission page to the blog. This will enable users to post their own articles – about themselves, their experience, ideas, their website or their products on my site. These articles will be moderated. I also added a comment wall where users can post their comments directly into my blog. Another new feature I added to Bamarlay – Myanmar Man’s Diary is the ability for the users to reply back to the comments made by other users. This will effectively turn the comments into a mini forum. Finally, I have added a new book mark/email link at the end of each article so that users who like my article can share them on social bookmarking sites or email them directly to their friends. [.....]  read more