Myanmar Thingyan

Bagan Thingyan

Now is the time for celebration. The whole country of Myanmar (Burma) is celebrating Thingyan or water festival this week. Not only in Myanmar, but also among Burmese communities all over the world are celebrating Thingyan. In case you don’t know what thingyan is, Thingyan is the celebration for the Myanmar New Year. You can read about Myanmar Thingyan in the article I wrote on Today in Myanmar at Myanmar Thingyan[.....]  read more

Yangon (Rangoon) travel guide – Shwedagon and arround

Shwedagon evening

Yangon (Rangoon) is the former administrative capital of Myanmar (Burma). Although the government has moved the capital to Naypyidaw, Yangon remains the commercial capital of Myanmar (Burma). Yangon is the only port of entry in Myanmar, and because there are many historical places in Yangon, it is worth visiting the City a few days before traveling up country. [.....]  read more

Myanmar Etiquette – General Rules

Myanmar is a country of people with deep rooted custom and religion. For a westerner visiting Myanmar, there are a number of things that they need to observe. Some of the Myanmar etiquette rules may be strange for westerners. However, if you follow some simple rules, your stay in Myanmar will be happier. Myanmar (Burmese) people are very friendly and helpful, especially towards visitors. Respecting Myanmar (Burmese) culture, custom and etiquette rules will gain respect and friendship from Myanmar people. The followings are some of the general rules that you should always bear in mind in front of Myanmar people. [.....]  read more

Rhodendron (Taung-za-lat) of Chin Land – Another song by Salai Thaw Na

Here is another song about Chin Land by the same Chin song writer, Salai Thaw Na. This is about the famous flower Rhodendron (Taung-za-lat) which is also the national flower of Chin State. This song is also in Burmese.

Welcome to Chin Land – The most famous song about Chin Hills and Chin Land

The most famous song about Chin Hills and Chin Land, by the same song writer Salai Thaw Na. This song was sung very frequently in Chin Land as well as aired on Myanmar TV quite frequently. This song is also in Burmese. Enjoy.

Myanmar Astrological Websites

Many people reached my website by searching Myanmar (Burmese) astrological sites. So I think it would be a valuable to my visitors if I could compile a list of all the websites about Myanmar astrology. [.....]  read more

Kya Kyan (Kya Gyan) by APK

Here is a document I found on SCRIBD. It is called Kya Kyan (Kya Gyan), a collection of series of weekly cartoons by Aw Pi Kyae (APK). APK is a famous cartoonist who usually portrays the rediculous aspect of human nature in a humerous way. His cartoons are famous among Myanmar readers as they delicately portray the current social situation in Myanmar. The one here is a good example. It is written in Burmese so you won’t understand the meaning of these cartoons. Even if you read the English translation, it is difficult for you to understand the hidden meaning as you need to have a thorough knowledge of the current social situation in Myanmar. Anyway, enjoy. Kya Kyan by APKUpload a Document to Scribd ]ususrf;} qdkNyD; umwGef;awGa&;w,f/ yxrqkH;umwGef;udk [mo*sme,fay;wm qifqmjzpfcJhw,f/ emrnfaMumifhjzpfr,fxifvdkY tcGifhtvrf;*sme,fukd ]rqdkrrdefY} qdkwJhemrnfajymif;NyD; ay;w,f/ tqifajyoGm;ayr,fh t&ifemrnf ]ususrf;}udk ydktm;&wmrdkY trSwfpOf(3)rSm jyefajymif;w,f/ &w,f/

Myanmar Astrology

If you are a fan of Myanmar (Burmese) astrology, this is a good starting point for you. Not only you could see what your future is, you can also learn Myanmar astrology at this site. The site has extensive articles on Myanmar traditional astrology. Some of the articles are quite indepth. I believe all Myanmar astrology lovers will love this site very much. Check it out at Myanmar Astrology[.....]  read more

Ah-lhu – a donation ceremony

When you visit Myanmar, you will encounter ah-lhu one day or another. What is ah-lhu? It is in deed a religious donation ceremony. People usually do ah-lhu when they donate food and offerings to the monk or the monastry. It can be a sole even. Or it can be in celebration for the wedding, anniversary, or to mark the day a family member died. People usually do ah-lhu at home or at the monastery. [.....]  read more