One thing I hate about Myanmar sites and blogs

There are now a number of Myanmar web sites and blogs written in Myanmar language. It is a good thing. I can now read about news, articles, short stories, poems and blogs in Myanmar. However, many a time I feel frustrated with some of the Myanmar blogs and sites. I install Zawgyi-one Myanmar font on my computer. As most Myanmar blogs use Zawgyi font, it is not a problem for me to read these blogs. However, some Myanmar blogs and many Myanmar websites don’t use Zawgyi. Still no problem as long as I can download and install the font from the internet. The problem arises when the website or the blog doesn’t mention the font they use or provide a download link to install the font. It really sucks. If a site is not using a common font, they should mention what kind of font they are using, and should also provide download link for the font, as many of us don’t know where to download some of these Myanmar fonts. The bloggers and web site developers should bear this fact in mind if they want visitors to their site. Unless they want to drive the visitors away from their site, they can ignore this simple fact, and us readers will be happy with Myanmar blogs and sites which use Zawgyi, or those which offer easy download of Myanmar fonts they use. [.....]  read more