Sequel to One Thing I hate about Myanmar Blogs

“First learn which one is Unicode-complaint Burmese font before you utter your ignorance.”

Laka Thang

The above is a comment by Laka Thang about my blog article “One thing I hate about Myanmar blogs” (Actually it was written into my guest book, but I know he means about my above article, and since this is not relevant to the Guest Book, I moved it to the relevant post. My apology to Laka Thang) [.....]  read more

Karaweik Ei Tay Than Cho

Recently, I stumble upon an interesting Myanmar blog on the blogspot. Well, not actually a Myanmar Blog, but it contains quite a number of interesting posts on Myanmar culture. It was found out that the authour is a Singaporean man named Alvin (Thu May Dar). He is not Burmese, but a Singaporean Chinese! But it is evident from his blog that he really loves Myanmar culture, language, music and tradition. He posted quite a number of interesting posts on Myanmar culture and tradition, as well as a number of Youtube videos of beautiful Myanmar songs. He also tried to write tome posts in Myanmar. Please have a look at this interesting blog at Karaweik Ei Tay Than Cho[.....]  read more

Myanmar Blog Directories

There are very little blog directories that list the Myanmar blogs. However, there are still few Myanmar blog directories with an extensive list of Myanmar blogs. Here are some of them I discovered.

The first one is the Myanmar Blog Directory. It is a blogger based blog with alphabetical listing of Myanmar blogs. There are also some useful articles on making Myanmar blog. The listing is just alphabetical on a single blog post and it is a bit difficult to find a specific blog. [.....]  read more

Myanmar Technology Blog

Yesterday, I stumbled upon another new Myanmar blog with useful and interesting articles. The blog, Myanmar Technology, has a collection of articles on computer and related articles as well as other useful tits and bits, all written in Myanmar. This site is intended for Myanmar people only as it is written entirely in Myanmar. The most useful article here would be the link to downloads of Myanmar Computer Journal, which is a popular computer and IT journal in Myanmar. [.....]  read more

Myanmar Astrological Websites

Many people reached my website by searching Myanmar (Burmese) astrological sites. So I think it would be a valuable to my visitors if I could compile a list of all the websites about Myanmar astrology. [.....]  read more

Diary of IT Men

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across another new interesting Myanmar blog on the internet. Diary of IT Men is a blog of a group of IT professionals from Myanmar. It started just a few months ago but I found a lot of interesting and useful articles on computer, internet and IT technology. The blog is hosted as a sub domain on No, don’t go and try to find the website for The website does not exist. But I found a number of subdomains on The purpose of the domain name is to overcome the firewall set up by the Myanmar ISPs. [.....]  read more

Another interesting Myanmar personal blog – Myo Kyaw Htun

I recently stumbled upon an interesting Myanmar personal blog on the web. The blogger is Myo Kyaw Htun, a Myanmar computer and IT professional from Mandalay. He is currently working as a PHP programmer in Bangkok, Thailand. He set up his personal blog mainly as an IT related blog. I found many interesting and useful articles on his blog and here, I share his blog to all my readers. [.....]  read more

Myanmar Astrology

If you are a fan of Myanmar (Burmese) astrology, this is a good starting point for you. Not only you could see what your future is, you can also learn Myanmar astrology at this site. The site has extensive articles on Myanmar traditional astrology. Some of the articles are quite indepth. I believe all Myanmar astrology lovers will love this site very much. Check it out at Myanmar Astrology[.....]  read more