Prepaid GSM mobile phone cards to be available soon in Myanmar

According to some internet news, prepaid GSM SIM cards will be available in Myanmar soon. According to unofficial reports, these GSM SIM cards are to be sold in US dollars initially, aiming at tourists coming to Myanmar. Although the price is yet to be confirmed, it is rumoured that the SIM cards will be sold at around 50 US dollars each. Each SIM card will comes with US$ 10 worth of credit. The prepaid top up cards will be sold in cards of US$ 10, US$ 30 and US$ 50. US$ 10 card will have validity of one week, US$ 30 with 3 weeks and US$ 50 with 5 weeks validity. The air time can be top up before the expiry date. Although there is no official announcement yet, some officials disclosed that the charges will be US$ 0.30 per minute for out going domestic call and US$ 0.05 (or 0.15?) for the incoming call. The charge for overseas call is said to be US$ 1.2 per minute. (It is not clear if this is a flat rate or additional rate on top of normal overseas rate). [.....]  read more