Problems with WordPress 2.7

I recently upgraded to wordpress 2.7 a few days ago. Everything went fine and all the plug ins are working fine. However, I found a problem yesterday, which at first seemed quite a big one. When I tried to log on to wordpress, it says my wordpress database needs to be upgraded. There is not other button and no way to log on to wordpress, so I click YES. And it returns Error message. It says “Error upgrading table …..”, At the end, there is a button with “continue”, so I press. It says “wordpress database needs to be upgraded”. I click and error again. It seems there is no way I could log on to my wordpress! However, the blog is still online and accessible. The only problems seem to be with the log in. I was really frustrated. Then, I think I should search the internet for this “Crash of wordpress database”. I found some useful article, and after a few minutes research, I decided that it is time I clean up my database from outside – that is, through cPanel. I log in to my cPanel, and look into my MySQL database manager, there is an option for Repair Database. I back up my database first, and then click Repair Database. Then I log in to my admin area again, this time, it shows the log in screen, but when I log in, it returns invalid password! I tried again, with the same result. I finally have to reset my password and log in again. Success! [.....]  read more

Myanmar Site Search

If you are looking are Myanmar pages only, here is a search site for you. Essentially a Google custom search engine customized to search only Myanmar websites, this search results will show only those posts from Myanmar websites. Apart from searching Myanmar websites, there is no other use for this website. Anyway, you don’t need to know how to customize Google custom search as the site owner has already customized for you. Visit Myanmar Website Search[.....]  read more

All About Memory

If you want to know about the memory of your computer or laptop, such as brand, size, speed, number, etc., then this site is for you. Just for curiosity or for memory upgrade, this site will provide wealth of information on the brand, type, size, speed, number of your memory as well as suggestion for your memory upgrade. You can also search for compatible memory for the upgrade. The most use for this site would be to check before your memory upgrade. To use the automatic memory scanner from Orca, you will need to download and install the exe file from the site. To know more about your memory, visit the Orca Memory Scanner[.....]  read more

Upgrade to WordPress 2.7

Yesterday, I upgraded to wordpress 2.7. Visitors would not notice a thing but it really is cool for the admin. The new wordpress has a more user friendly layout, althoug a bit confusing at first. It is easier to publish a new post now, and the new collapsable menues are very convenient and more user friendly. And all my old plugins and widgets work well with the new wordpress. [.....]  read more

Another broadband speed check

I have written about how to test your broadband speed using free internet utility in the article “Check your Internet Broadband Connection Speed“. Someone who is quite experienced with testing broadband speed suggested another site for testing the internet connection speed. The test meter at Check Speed shows a little different test result from the one at Speed Test. Internet connection speed measured by Check Speed is a little slow compared to the Speed Test. Here are the two results. [.....]  read more

Really portable Linux – No installation needed

If you want to know how linux feels like or if you just want to test linux on your computer, you can download one of these linux installers freely available on the internet. However, installing linux on the computer also is risky. The worst is your computer refuses to reboot, and you end up reformatting the whole hard disk to reinstall windows, thus losing all your important data. Believe me, it already occured to me once. In other instances, your linux will not recognize some peripheries such as mouce and key board. And many times, linux is difficult to uninstall. [.....]  read more