Another interesting Myanmar personal blog – Myo Kyaw Htun

I recently stumbled upon an interesting Myanmar personal blog on the web. The blogger is Myo Kyaw Htun, a Myanmar computer and IT professional from Mandalay. He is currently working as a PHP programmer in Bangkok, Thailand. He set up his personal blog mainly as an IT related blog. I found many interesting and useful articles on his blog and here, I share his blog to all my readers. [.....]  read more

How to insert images and pictures in Gmail

Gmail is cool, really cool and I use it as my primary mail. I used to use other emails before but now I use gmail as my sole email. I even assess my office pop mail using gmail’s pop collector. However, there are a few things that I like to see in gmail.

1. You cannot insert images and pictures into gmail message. You can send them as an attachment but you cannot insert them into the message body. [.....]  read more

Microsoft Office Live – what is it?

A few weeks ago, I sign up for Microsoft office live. I thought it was something like Google docs or Zoho where users can create and edit office documents like words, excels and power point. I was wrong. All Office Live let me do is to store my office documents online and share with other. That is still OK although I have not many people to share my documents. However, a few days later, Microsoft started sending promotional mails into my gmail account. It send almost every day, sometimes more than a mail a day. That is too much. I never read them, and I have to tell my gmail that they are spams. It sucks. Never register for Live if you don’t have any thing to do with file sharing. (And with Live, you can share only the Microsoft Office documents, not other documents). [.....]  read more

Connecting two computers using USB bridge cable

If you ever wonder whether you could connect two computers using a USB cable, the answer is yes. But have you ever tried to connect two computers using a USB cable, or tried to find a correct USB cable to connect two computers?

To connect two computers using a USB cable, you will need a special USB cable called USB bridge. It is a USB to USB cable with a hub in between. It is not expensive and can be bought from any computer store. But setting up it is a bit tricky as you need to install a software before you connect the cable to the computers. And the software need to be installed on each computer you intend to use. After correctly installing the software, there is no problem connecting two computers. Just connect the two computers using the USB bridge, open the software on both computers and drag and drop the files and folders from one computer to another. [.....]  read more


Everybody knows that typing Burmese (Myanmar) is a difficult job. You cannot deny it. It takes a lot of practice and patience to be able to type in Myanmar quickly and efficiently. Moreover, you also have the frustration of having to familiarize yourself with a different keyboard layout whenever you change the font system. Many Burmese people out there cannot type Burmese well. Most of us even don’t know how to type in Myanmar. That is how we have developed Burglish. This is a writing system where user use the English alphabets to spell Burmese words. You cannot get the correct pronunciation although you get as close to the correct sound as possible. Although this system is far from perfect, at least you have a basic communicability on the internet. It allows Burmese chatters to use Burmese in online communications. [.....]  read more

A Myanmar Blogging guide by Nyi Lynn Seck

Here is the much awaited pdf book from Nyi Lynn Seck. The book is about “How to make Myanmar Blog?” It is weitten in Myanmar, with detailed explanation in every step involved. He explained the steps involved in setting up and blog in Blooger, setting up to use Myanmar (Burmese) fonts, and posting. This is a must book for all Myanmar bloggers, whether you are a new comer or an experienced blogger. You can download this pdf book here at How to make Myanmar Blog? [.....]  read more

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer
Zoho Writer – A Web Based Word Processor I am just testing the Zoho writer from It is a web based writer whrere you do the simple word processing on your web browser. It seems the application has some powerful features, although not as powerful as Microsoft word. However, on the other hand, Microsoft Word cost a lot of money while Zoho writer is free of charge. And you can save your documents online free of charge and later retrive back from any computer with online assess. This is particularly useful if you are travelling and you want to write some letter or document, but forget to bring a laptop or a thumb drive. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend Zoho writer, as you can get Open Office free of charge, which is as powerful as Microsoft Word. And one problem I encounter while using Zoho writer is that whenever I tried to resize images, it stuck. I don’t know why.

However, if you use online alot at internet cafes, this writer is a very useful application, as you can simply save all your documents online. And you can also use it to post the documents to your blog. You can reach Zoho writer at

Ulead Movie Factory – A Simple but Elegant Video Editor

I recently started using the Ulead Movie Factory – a simple video editor from Ulead. Although a simple one, it can create VCD, SVCD and DVD as well as HD DVD if you have an expensive burner. You can import video footages from your camcorder, camera, cell phone or a file in you hard disk, apply some simple effects and enhancement, and apply titles and transitions. Options are quite limited. However, the one thing the Ulead Movie Factory shines is in the DVD menu section. There are more than 30 menu templates, which are beautiful and elegant. I found these templates more beautiful and eye catching then Adobe Premiere Elements. You can also customize the templates as well as create thumbnail preview templates. The camera support all common file types including AVI, MPEG, Quick Time, WMV and many more. [.....]  read more

Buying Electronics and Computers online in Thailand

Well, it is really difficult to find the price of something online in Thailand. The vendors usually don’t have online presence in Thailand. If they ever have a website, they are usually poorly designed and lack any online purchase function. But I recently found a website from Hardware House, a reputable Thai computer and accessories vendor. Although they don’t sell things online, they have a list of their available products with price list. You can find many Hardware House vendor shops at Panthip Plaza in Bangkok. [.....]  read more

Object Dock

IF your are fascinated by the task pane in Mac OS X, there is an alternative for Windows users. The Object Dock is a Mac like panel where you can dock shortcuts as well as gadgets. You can also configure the Object Dock to show running windows on the Dock bar. It can be used as a substitute for Quick Launch as well as task bar, though not as informative as the task bar. There are a number of useful gadgets for the Object Dock, such as a clock or start menu gadgets. You can download the Dock and the gadgets free at[.....]  read more