When Android application update fail

Many of you who love your Android phone will notice that many times, your Android application failed to update. Sometimes this is because your memory is full. But most of the time, the application failed to update for unknown reason. The error message in this case is usually “Unknown error”. How annoying! How many time you try to update your Android application, it refused to update. Most of the time, these Android applications that failed to update happened to be those installed on the SD card. Here is the answer. Move the application to the phone memory and update again. Most of the time, it solve the problem.
However, sometimes even after you move the Android application from SD card to the phone memory, it still fail to update. Frustrated, you uninstall and try to reinstall again. No success, and you start to get panic. If you are face with such a stubborn Android application that refuse to update, here is the trick for you.
1. Uninstall the stuck Android application
2. Go to Setting, SD card and storage and dismount the SD card.
3. Now go to Setting, Application, Manage applications, open Market and clear both cache and data.
4. Go and open Market application. You will need to accept the license agreement again. Just click accept. Now search the application you have problem updating.
5. Install application. Bingo!
6. Mount SD card again. [.....]  read more