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There is now a new Myanmar information website for the foreigners who want to know more about Myanmar. Today in Myanmar is a new website on Myanmar culture, custom, travel information, travel advice, Myanmar life, Myanmar food, interesting places in Myanmar, information on hotels, guest houses, restaurants and many other useful information on Myanmar. I was also invited to write articles related to Myanmar on this website on Myanmar. You can visit Today in Myanmar and give me some comments on the articles I write. [.....]  read more

Yangon (Rangoon) travel guide – Shwedagon and arround

Shwedagon evening

Yangon (Rangoon) is the former administrative capital of Myanmar (Burma). Although the government has moved the capital to Naypyidaw, Yangon remains the commercial capital of Myanmar (Burma). Yangon is the only port of entry in Myanmar, and because there are many historical places in Yangon, it is worth visiting the City a few days before traveling up country. [.....]  read more

Burma and Buddhism by Aung San

Aung San

During the present period of transition through which Burmans are passing, the most remarkable has been the perceptible results of reformative influences. The Youth of the land are fully alive to the situation and have not been slow in contributing their quota to the reconstruction of a greater Burma. They have realized that things ancient though hallowed by time and sanctioned by usage do not necessarily fit in with modern conditions. Young Burma in approaching its problems with a spirit of criticism, and trying to see things as they are. They have taught themselves to view things from a detached standpoint and find many an old tradition or custom which ought to be abandoned, or which ought to be retained and improved upon, or which ought to be maintained intact. Ad in other times and in other climes, there are those who cling to the past and view with alarm at any change and look upon with scorn any alteration in the old order of things: and there are those who are incessantly clamouring for change-quick and sudden. Between these extremes Buddhism paves the middle path. [.....]  read more

Life Sketch of the Author by Aung San

Aung San and His Family
Born on the 13th February, 1915, at Natmauk, the headquarters of a township in Magwe district, the author is a scion of well-to do rural gentry and a distinguished line of patriotic ancestors. Educated first in the Vernacular High School, Natmauk, then in National High School, Yenangyaung, he was a graduate of the Rangoon University in the Arts, taking English Literature, Modern History and Political Science and read for some time in Law in the same university. Though he gave promise of a brilliant academic career in his early days winning prizes and scholarships, political interests and activities as a nationally prominent student leader in his university days affected his academic career. For agitation for his fellow students’ rights and grievances, he was threatened twice with expulsion from his college and actually under order of rustication from the Rangoon University for there years which was an immediate cause of the students’ country-wide strikes in Burma early in 1936, of which he was also one of the prominent leaders. He lost one year in his academic career for that event.

As a student in the Rangoon University, he served on various student’s organizations and bodies, notably as Editor, Vice-President and President of the Rangoon University Student’s Union, and as one of the founders and Presidents of the All-Burma Students’ Union. He also served, even as a student, along with another student representative, on the University Act Amendment Committee appointed by Government of the day early in 1938 and succeeded in getting a fairly progressive University Act passed by the Burma Legislature, an Act which had been the source of so much country-wide students’ agitations and strikes in 1920 and 1936. He also contributed articles to local English and Burmese press as a student and served for a time on the editorial staff of “New Burma” the only Burman-owned and managed nationalist, tri-weekly in English in those days. In October 1938, he ended his law studies abruptly in order to place his services for the patriotic cause of national freedom, by joining in Dohbama Asi-ayone (Thakins), at that time the only militant and intensely nationalistic political party in Burma. [.....]  read more

Myanmar Etiquette – General Rules

Myanmar is a country of people with deep rooted custom and religion. For a westerner visiting Myanmar, there are a number of things that they need to observe. Some of the Myanmar etiquette rules may be strange for westerners. However, if you follow some simple rules, your stay in Myanmar will be happier. Myanmar (Burmese) people are very friendly and helpful, especially towards visitors. Respecting Myanmar (Burmese) culture, custom and etiquette rules will gain respect and friendship from Myanmar people. The followings are some of the general rules that you should always bear in mind in front of Myanmar people. [.....]  read more

Shwedagon Pagoda

One of the places that you must pay a visit in Yangon (Rangoon) is the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. Believed to be the first padoda ever built on Earth, Shwedagon is the centre of worship and devotion for all the Buddhist in Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar (Burmese) Buddhists believe Shwedagon was built around 2,500 years ago, during the time of Lorda Buddha, although archiologists believe the pagoda was built during 6 and 10 century AD by Mons. Whether this claim is true or not nobody knows, Shwegadon remains centre of Burmese and Mon buddhism since ancient time. Many Burmese and Mon kings and queens renovated Shwedagon Pagoda several times in history, many of whom said to have donated gold equal to their body weights. Today, Shwedagon is estimated to be covered in 60 tons of gold plates! [.....]  read more

Myanmar E Books Download on the internet

There are quite a number of websites and blogs that offer free download of Myanmar (Burmese) E books, stories and novels. Some of them contain just a few e books while other sites contain quite a lot of e books and novels from extensive range of Myanmar (Burmese) writers and authors for download. Some sites offer download of old Myanmar (Burmese) books by old Myanmar (Burmese) authors in pdf format. Although the following list is not extensive, it would be enough for most visitors. [.....]  read more

Public Health in Myanmar

I recently come across a very informative blog on health in Myanmar (Burma). Written in Myanmar (Burmese) language, this site aims for the Myanmar (Burmese) people, to distribute and educate health problems encountered in Myanmar to the Myanmar people. The site is written by a group of Myanmar (Burmese) health professional, and moderated by an experience doctor from Myanmar (Burma). The aim of the Public Health in Myanmar is (according to the site): [.....]  read more

Myanmar Blogger Society

Myanmar Blogger Society is a non-profit organization for Myanmar bloggers all over the world. It promotes friendship and cooperation among Myanmar (Burmese) bloggers worldwide. The group has set up a web site for the Myanmar Blogger Society on Ning. Those Myanmar (Burmese) bloggers can join the Myanmar Blogger Society by signing up at the MBS website. Approval is needed before you could become a full member. The admin will check your blog before approval of your membership application. [.....]  read more

Myanmar Site Search

If you are looking are Myanmar pages only, here is a search site for you. Essentially a Google custom search engine customized to search only Myanmar websites, this search results will show only those posts from Myanmar websites. Apart from searching Myanmar websites, there is no other use for this website. Anyway, you don’t need to know how to customize Google custom search as the site owner has already customized for you. Visit Myanmar Website Search[.....]  read more