Does Google have problem?


It seems google has got a problem. Just recently, I was checking the search terms on Google that come to my blog Myanmar2day. I was very surprised to see a warning below my site saying “This site may harm your comupter”! I am sure I do not install any malware or anything that might harmful to my visitors. More surprisingly, all the other links also show up with the same warning. I was even more surprised to see Wikypedia link shown in the same warning. I know this is not abnormal. The most surprising thing is, Google site is also shown with the same warning! This is definitely not right. Something is definitely wrong with Google. Here is the search result for Google.
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Since I moved to wordpress on my own domain, I started getting spam comments. At first, it was just one or two a day. After a few days, I decided it is time I should started fighting those spam comments. So I installed anti spam measures from wordpress plugins. First, I set up Akismet anti spam. Then to fight the bots from putting spams as in comments, I set up reCaptcha, a plugin to display captcha, those difficult to read words and numbers. After that, the SPAM count on my blog suddenly drops. However, even with these measures, the spam count goes up gradually. Today, I got devastating 79 SPAMS! That is really, really bad. I am not sure whether this is done by human or by bot, but they all come from the same IP address. I will see whether it happens again tomorrow or not. If it happens again, I think I will have to set up new measures to fight against these SPAMS. Now I realize why bloggers really really hate SPAMS. [.....]  read more

Venus and Jupiter shines brightly near the moon

This evening, I went out to the balcony of my apartment, and voila, the three celesterial objects shining brightly close to each other in the sky. Venus, the brightest celesterial object in heaven and the Jupiter are shining brightly in the sky, above the moon, on either sides. It appears as a smiling face, with the moon a smiling mouth and the two planets forming eyes. Venus is more bright than Jupiter. The extraordinary phenomenon causes quite a lot of excitement even in a small town I live. People are outside, looking up at the moon and the planets, taking photos and calling their friends and relatives telling them about this phenomenon. Everybody is evidently excited. [.....]  read more

Venus, Jupiter shine on Monday Night

Venus, Jupiter and Moon
Venus, Jupiter and Moon

“Look to the southwest after sunset on Dec. 1 for a close conjunction between three bright solar system objects: the moon, Venus and Jupiter. If you have binoculars, you might even be able to fit all three of them in the field of view. Between now and then, you can see Jupiter and Venus getting closer together each evening.” [.....]  read more

Digital South Asia Library

If you are just interested in the South Asia history and culture, or you are a scholar researching on the geo-politico-social aspect of South Asia, here is a very useful link for you. The Digital South Asia Library has a collection of rare resources difficult to find elsewhere in digital format. There are collections on documents concerning India and South Asia region as well as old maps of the region. [.....]  read more

Two great photography websites for every one

Here are two really great photography websites for everyone who is interested in photography or who wants to take better photo with their digital camera. These websites offer many useful and informative articles and lessons on better photography taking free of charge. You should bookmark them, or subscribe to the RSS feed like I do. Please check out Digital Photography School and Beyond Megapixels for better photo taking. [.....]  read more

Back from Lion City

Life underground

Just coming back from the Lion City, that is, Singapore. I went there for my sister’s graduation. Talking about Singapore, everything is expensive. It was more expensive than the last time I went there three years ago. Food is really expensive and the taste is horrible, in most food courts, except in China Town. Taxi fares are extremely expensive, with so many surcharges for rush hour, downtown fare, etc. Just a few kilometers trip from downtown cost me S$20. Believe me, if it were in Bangkok, it won’t cost more than S$5! I was shocked. And the fare that is displayed all the time on the taxi meter is not the tatal cost. You have to add all those surcharges to get to the total cost.

However, the public transport is excellent. You can go whereever you want using the public transport. There is no confusion about it. And all the direction signs are well laid out. Taxi drivers are also nice. And the roads are clean and the the cars strictly follow the traffic rules. To my amazement, the prices of many cosmetics are cheaper in Singapore than in Bangkok. But clothes are more expensive.

We went to Sentosa while in Singapore. Everything is expensive. Underwater world is a nice place to visit, and the dolphin lagoon is also nice. However, the dolphin show was not as good as the first time 3 years ago. And the famous magic fountain is not free anymore. Worse, the show is not as good as the previous one. Too bad. [.....]  read more