How to insert images and pictures in Gmail

Gmail is cool, really cool and I use it as my primary mail. I used to use other emails before but now I use gmail as my sole email. I even assess my office pop mail using gmail’s pop collector. However, there are a few things that I like to see in gmail.

1. You cannot insert images and pictures into gmail message. You can send them as an attachment but you cannot insert them into the message body. [.....]  read more

Adobe launches photoshop express

Now, Adobe also joins the increasingly popular free online photo sharing, image hosting and photo editing war. Adobe just launched the Adobe Photoshop Express a few weeks ago, in beta version. The sign up is free and includes 2 GB of free storage for photos. You can also edit the photos using the online editor, which is a simple and easy to use but a useful editor. I tried the Adobe photoshop express and found it quite a useful online service. Check it out free at Adobe Photoshop Express[.....]  read more

Microsoft Office Live – what is it?

A few weeks ago, I sign up for Microsoft office live. I thought it was something like Google docs or Zoho where users can create and edit office documents like words, excels and power point. I was wrong. All Office Live let me do is to store my office documents online and share with other. That is still OK although I have not many people to share my documents. However, a few days later, Microsoft started sending promotional mails into my gmail account. It send almost every day, sometimes more than a mail a day. That is too much. I never read them, and I have to tell my gmail that they are spams. It sucks. Never register for Live if you don’t have any thing to do with file sharing. (And with Live, you can share only the Microsoft Office documents, not other documents). [.....]  read more

Connecting two computers using USB bridge cable

If you ever wonder whether you could connect two computers using a USB cable, the answer is yes. But have you ever tried to connect two computers using a USB cable, or tried to find a correct USB cable to connect two computers?

To connect two computers using a USB cable, you will need a special USB cable called USB bridge. It is a USB to USB cable with a hub in between. It is not expensive and can be bought from any computer store. But setting up it is a bit tricky as you need to install a software before you connect the cable to the computers. And the software need to be installed on each computer you intend to use. After correctly installing the software, there is no problem connecting two computers. Just connect the two computers using the USB bridge, open the software on both computers and drag and drop the files and folders from one computer to another. [.....]  read more

Zoho Writer Update

A few days ago, I wrote about Zoho writer. ( I wrote that it stuck when I tried to resize the photos. Today, I used it again at another computer. Here, there is no problem. I used Firefox both times so it is not the browser problem. I think it occurs only with my computer. I didn’t find anything about it in the Zoho forum too. May be I better shut down my computer and restart again to see whether there is any problem or not. (I haven’t shut down my computer properly for weeks. I only hybernate or stand by). [.....]  read more

Ulead Movie Factory – A Simple but Elegant Video Editor

I recently started using the Ulead Movie Factory – a simple video editor from Ulead. Although a simple one, it can create VCD, SVCD and DVD as well as HD DVD if you have an expensive burner. You can import video footages from your camcorder, camera, cell phone or a file in you hard disk, apply some simple effects and enhancement, and apply titles and transitions. Options are quite limited. However, the one thing the Ulead Movie Factory shines is in the DVD menu section. There are more than 30 menu templates, which are beautiful and elegant. I found these templates more beautiful and eye catching then Adobe Premiere Elements. You can also customize the templates as well as create thumbnail preview templates. The camera support all common file types including AVI, MPEG, Quick Time, WMV and many more. [.....]  read more

Myanmar Character Picker – Myanmar (Burmese) Virtual Keyboard


Well, here is a Myanmar Character Picker, where users can input Myanmar texts without knowing Myanmar keyboard. It is a neat little program and looks quite useful and easy. Unfortunately, there are a few short comings especially as I cannot find Ya-Yit and Ya-Pint, as well as I don’t know how to write Pat-Sint. Also there are some unfamiliar Myanmar characters, too. Can anybody make sense of this little useful utility. If anyone of you know how to write Myanmar without using keyboard, please post it in the comments. Also let us all know if you know how to put ya-pint and ya-yit in this Myanmar (Burmese) character picker. [.....]  read more

StumbleUpon – Discover New Sites

I recently come across an excellent site while I was looking for the extensions for my Mozilla Firefox browser. (I use Firefox instead of IE). It is a firefox plug in with. It leads me to hundreds of peer reviewed  web sites of my interest. Why don’t you give it a try. You can check it our at StumbleUpon[.....]  read more