Our little puppies


My dog has delivered! Ok, that’s not something to be very excited. But she delivered three cute little .
It all occurred while we were away for a weekend. Usually, every weekend, we go back home. I mean, we stay in a rental house near our work, and drive back to our real home every Friday evening, and come back on Monday in the early morning. So, last week we went back as usual on Friday and came back on Monday. My wife noticed that Thong’s (that is the name of our dog) big belly was gone. That was when we realized she has delivered.
So that evening on return from work, we tried to find her babies. Unfortunately, after more than an hour of exhaustive search, we still could not find her puppies. They were no where to be found. Our colleagues confirmed she had already delivered, so the babies must be somewhere. Finally, a guard from the bank near by pointed out the puppies to us. To our amazement, the puppies were taken care of not by mother, but their grandmother! Yea, they were taken care of by Thong’s mother. But the granny does not have breast milk. And she didn’t let Thong come near the babies. The babies need milk from the mother. So, with the help of the guard, we brought the puppies back home. And Thong was more than happy to take care of the babies and give milk.
The puppies and the matter are now in front of our house, in a special mosquito net for the babies. Please be careful when you walk past our house. Thong might bite you.

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