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Recently, I was playing the online Facebook , Realm of Empires. It really is a very addicting . The developers claimed that they intend this to be a 15 minute per day . However, in my experience, I end up playing more than 15 minutes a day, sometimes waking up in the middle of night still playing this .

The concept of this game is actually like Civilization game. However, it is a real time strategy game, with thousands of players (real human player) to compete with. The concept is to build your own empire, expand your empire, make friends and alliance to protect yourself from other hostile players, and survive.

You start the game with a small village in the chosen realm. Currently, there are two realms open to Facebook members. Realm 4 is an established realm while the Realm 5 is the realm for experienced players. For the new players, there is also a training realm where you can practice your skill and familiarize yourself with the concept and gameplay of this game.

There is a new player protection mode where new players are protected from attacks by old players. This usually last for a few days, during which time you can build up your defences. After this time, you are vulnerable from attacks from other players. The best way to protect yourself from such attacks is to join a powerful clan. You should try to join the clan that is strong near you. You won’t get much help from your clan members if they are far away from you.

After you build up enough troops, you can now attack abandoned villages near you. Pillaging these villages will give you gold much needed to build your structures. The goal is to build a palace to produce governors. Governors are used to take over other villages, so that you could expand your empire.

I started my empire in Realm 4. My starting village (now the Capital) is Hansawaddy at (-185, -198). I joined the clan Order of Knights. It is not a large clan but clan members are quite supportive. It is also strong near me so I feel safe around here. If you ever decide to play, you are invited to join our clan. Just message Rajadiraj and I will send the invite to you.

Here is where my village is:

Realm of Empire - my villages
Realm of Empire - my villages

This is what it’s look like. The large building in the background is my palace.

Realm of Empires - my capital Hansawaddi
Hansawaddi from Realm 4

OK, I now have 6 villages in my empire. Not bad but still far away from those players with 20+ villages.

I strongly encourage you to play the Realm of Empires in your face book. If you like Civilization, this game is for you.

The website of the game Realm of Empires is at Once you register at this address, you will be directed to your facebook account. Just log in with your facebook account and you are ready to play.

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  1. Thanks for a review. I’ve never played it. I’ve found a video review of it. It is not only looks nice but is interesting as well. What I like most is that you compete with real people but not with the computer. In such a way you can sit in front of your computer and play with others. Very cool!

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