A long time of absence – My sincere apology

It has been a long time since I last updated this blog. To admit the truth, I was quite busy recently. My work consumes most of my energy, and what is left of my energy is consumed by editing articles on Myanmar Today. Believe me. Editing articles written in non-standard English is not a preasurable experience. I admit that I am not a very good English writer, but editing something into a readable article is not alwasy easy. Many a times, I ended up rewriting the whole article. Thankfully, all of the contributors to Myanmar Today are my friends so they are more than happy for my editing effort. (They can get away  with just the outlines of the article and let the editor do the hard work of writing it into a readable one).

Recently, I was struck down by a severe influenza. It left me debilitated and weak for the whole week. I was dizzy the whole day, with a very severe headache and bodyache. I just lied down the whole day for about three days without even able to lift my head up from the pillow. This was the most serious illness I got since I was a teenager. Ironically, I got influenza after I come back from the Swine Flu Workshop! Thankfully, it was not a swine flu (or at least, that is what I think because I didn’t go and see the doctor).

Hopefully, I believe I would be able to update this blog with a few articles every month. Or at least, I will try my best to update.

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