Three years in Chin Hills

I first arrived to Chin State on one cold November evening in 2004. I was taking a jeep, sitting in the back seat, depressed. The road to Mindat from Pakokku was the worst road I have ever traveled in my life. A worn out paved road with so many holes and bumps, and a lot of dirsts. And it took half a day to traveled that 96 miles from Pakokku to Mindat. It is like a nightmare come true to me.

I entered the small Chin town at around 6:00 PM. Everything was dark, dull and gloomy. The whole town was engulfed in a cold darkness. I was more than depressed now. I really wanted to cry. I just want to run away.

Three years later, I left Chin State. It was one November afternoon, in 2007. The weather was sunny and fine. And all my friends there came to say farewell to me. This was my last day in Chin State. I am finally leaving. But I am not happy. I cannot smile. I tried to smile to everybody but my smile was lifeless. Everybody tried to smile, but with tears in my eyes. I nearly cried at that moment. But I didn’t want to show my tears to anybody. I was just pretending that I was happy, but not. It was quite painful to leave a place you have been living for quite a long time (three years in a very remote place is quite a long time). You have many friends and many memories. And these memories will always be with me forever.

One day, I will go back to Chin State and visit the places I have lived and traveled again.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

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