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While Blogger is for beginners, is for advanced bloggers. Most people started at Blogger, and later when they host their own blog, most of them use wordpress installed on their host. One of the reasons for using wordpress is, there is a large collection of free and easy to use plugins to extend the power of wordpress. Without these plugins, there is not much advantage in using wordpress over blogger. The following are the wordpress plugins I use.

1. Akismet – this is the most essential for every wordpress blogger, unless you disable the comment and trackbacks in your posts. Once you started blogging in wordpress and starting to get visitors, you will also notice a rise in comments. However, most of them are just spam comments. If you do not install anything to counter these spam comments, you will be in big trouble. Akismet will catch most of these spam comments. This will save you tons of work deleting these spams.

2. Re-Captcha – Not enough with Akismet? Altough Akismet is a very powerful anti-spam tool for wordpress, there are times where Akismet fails to catch spam comments. Re-Captcha is a plugin that will displays a small captcha (the one that you have to read and type into a field when you post a comment in my blog). It is difficult for the machine to read the word and will fail to post a comment. This will eliminate most of the mcahine posted comments in your wordpress blog.

3. Still fail to prevent spam comments? I once received more than one hundred spam comments from the same IP address even though I installed both Akismet and re-Captcha. It was so annoying that finally, I had to use the most lethal and most effective weapon against spammers – IP Banning! Yes, finally, I was so annoyed that I decided to totally ban the ip address that posted humdreds of spam comments a day in my blog. The wordpress plugin WP-Ban will completely ban a single ip address, a range of ip address, or if you want, the whole domain. This one is very effective but should use with caution. This is the final weapon (similar to Weapon of Mass Destruction) against spammers. However, if yo use wp-ban, don’t forget to turn off any caching plugins, as the banned page will be cached and shown to regular visitors. I already faced this problem and finally had to deactivate my wp-cache plugin.

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