A new spam – becareful

Just yesterday, I got a few spam messages in my gmail. The message seems authenticated for unobserved eyes. It uses the real email address of the people you know, and the real name of the one you know. The person said in the SPAM mail that he was visiting London, and his money was stolen. Now he said he doesn’t have any money left, not even money to pay for the hotel bills. Moreover, the hotel phone line was also cut off by the robbers (fishy, huh?), so he cannot call his home or his friends. Then he begged me to send him money (1350 pound) via Western Union to his name (REAL NAME) to England! I was very surprised to see this. I know the person and I know he is very rich. I know he travels frequently all over the world. But the eamil does not have my name in the greeting. This one really looks like spam, and my gmail spam filter also catches it as a spam. And the sender email address is also the real email address. It is a Yahoo mail address. I am not sure how the spammers got hold of this information, but I know this is a SPAM. So next time you got a similar urgent email from one of your contact begging for money, be very careful. This might be a spam.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

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