Since I moved to on my own domain, I started getting spam comments. At first, it was just one or two a day. After a few days, I decided it is time I should started fighting those spam comments. So I installed anti spam measures from plugins. First, I set up Akismet anti spam. Then to fight the bots from putting spams as in comments, I set up reCaptcha, a plugin to display captcha, those difficult to read words and numbers. After that, the SPAM count on my blog suddenly drops. However, even with these measures, the spam count goes up gradually. Today, I got devastating 79 SPAMS! That is really, really bad. I am not sure whether this is done by human or by bot, but they all come from the same IP address. I will see whether it happens again tomorrow or not. If it happens again, I think I will have to set up new measures to fight against these SPAMS. Now I realize why bloggers really really hate SPAMS.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

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