Problems with WordPress Link Directory

I installed the Link Directory a few days ago. There are some bugs with this plugin to display link directory. The capcha is not working, displaying error messages all the time. So I disabled the capcha, which makes my directory vulnerable to spam attacks. After that comes the error when I approve the submitted links in my admin panel. I cannot approve any of the submitted links. I search the internet for the problem, and found some suggestions about email function when somebody submit a link to the directory. So I disable all the email functions. After that, every thing seems to be ok. All the submissions are ok, all the approval are also ok. All the new categories are also working, and all the links are displaying properly. So it went find for a few days.

I search for other reports of bugs about this wordpress link directory plugin, and found a number of mentions about loss of all the links once the plugin is disabled. As I need to disable the plugins when I upgrade my wordpress, it is essential that the links should stay intact when I disable this plug in. I cannot lose these links. So today, I decided to test this myself. I disable the plugin, and activated it again. Voila, all my links are gone. Not just links, all the categories also. The directory returns to the original state. This is not acceptable! If I have hundreds of links in my directory, how can I manage this? So, finally, I have decided to abandon this plug in. It has so many bugs and so unstable that it becomes useful as a link directory. The plugin is nice but it is not usable.

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  1. Re: WordPress Link Directory by Sean Bluestone

    I found the same problem. “ADD URL” does not work. Don’t know how to solve it.

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