Opening of Seven-Eleven

Seven-Eleven is probably the most popular convenient store in . Found almost every street in cities and towns across , it is rather strange to live in a town without one in it. The small town I live in, although only two and half hours’ drive from Bangkok, did not have a Seven-Eleven store. It is really inconvenient, as sometimes, it is difficult to find a snacks, food or any accessory. In , a town without a Seven-Eleven can be considered very outback. However, today, the town opens its first Seven-Eleven store.

Since its construction last month, the news of new Seven-Eleven coming to the town has been the talk of the town. People were quite excited about the news. Even our boss, who is a Canadian lady, talked about it excited two or three times last week. One of my co-workers asked us whether anyone would come with us in opening the store (what she means is to be the first to buy from the store).

Today, I drove past the store on my way back home to Nakhon Pathom. I saw a lot of customers inside and in the front of the store, with many cars and motorcycles. It seemed people are really excited about this new Seven Eleven. For a small town like us, the new Seven-Eleven is like a new Paragon opening in Bangkok. It is rather funny for those from Bangkok, but for us living in a small town, it really is a Paragon!

Author: Bamarlay

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