Extremely Cold in Thailand

During the end of December and early January this year, the weather in is extremely cold. I was in Ratchaburi and in Nakhon Pathom, and the weather there is very cold, even during the day time. Last year winter was not cold as this year. Even when I use the warm water machine to take a shower, as soon as I get off the shower, I was shaking with cold. In the early morning when I take shower, I cannot really wash properly. I just stand under the warm water shower and rub with a few soap bubble. Once I get off, I was shaking. Even when I wash my hands during midday, my hands become cold and numb. At night, we were fighting for the blanket. The temperature in Nakhon Pathom is around 14 degrees Celsius which is considered cold in the central . In some parts in the north, the temperature is as low as a few degrees Celsius above zero. It seems this year is the coldest month in recent years in .

Author: Bamarlay

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