Becareful of Proxy softwares and Sites

Last week, I was getting a lot of SPAM comments in my blog. There are more than 100 spams a day, each continging nearly a hundred links. This is too much. It cannot pass my spam filter, and as I moderate each and every comment, they all ended up deleted. However, it is really frustrating just to delete hundreds of SPAMs (I actually empty the spam folder in a single click, anyway, it is annoying). I waited patiently to see if the spam count fall down and finally stop. They didn’t. Finally, I got so annoyed that I decided to do something with these spams. Apparently, they all come from the same IP address (two ip addresses). Finally, I install wp-ban wordpress plugin, and had to ban these two ip addresses. Once I installed and set up the ban, the SPAM count dropped to less than 5 a day! I already had Akismat, as well as reCaptcha to prevent automated as well as human spam, but I am not sure those spams from these two ip addresses are automated or by human. Anyway, I don’t see these spams anymore.

However, yesterday, I stumble upon a blog of Thet Htoo and found that he mention about my site being not assessible through proxy software. (See Myanmar Man’s Diary on Thet Htoo’s Blog). He said when trying to see my site using the proxy software usually used in Myanmar to bypass the Myanmar ISP ban, it shows “You are banned“.  Pay pal also banned the proxy. What does that mean? Is it because the proxy software use the same IP address as the spammers? Is it possible that the proxy software is stealing the log in informations? Anyway, it is scarry enough. So next time you use proxy software to bypass the Myanmar ISP ban, becareful of what you put into the fields. Don’t use it to buy things, or enter any credit card informations. Be very careful.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

2 thoughts on “Becareful of Proxy softwares and Sites”

  1. When i came to u, “You are banned” message was shown although I didn’t use Bypass proxy software. Is there any fault with your filter? I use net from YGN with Myanmar ISP also. But you know, i had to read your articles by using Your-freedom software. Just inform you what i faced with.

  2. I am not sure whether the filter has a problem or not. This morning when I open my own page, I was greeted with “You are banned” message. I was really really surprised. I am using a valid ISP from Thailand, and a quick check on my IP address shows that my IP address is not the banned one. I am suspecting if this is the fault of the filter. I will disable the filter for a while and see if the spam still coming or not. I will also try out whether this wp-ban filter has any problem or bug. Apology to anyone who cannot read my articles.

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