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I recently upgraded to 2.7 a few days ago. Everything went fine and all the plug ins are working fine. However, I found a problem yesterday, which at first seemed quite a big one. When I tried to log on to , it says my database needs to be upgraded. There is not other button and no way to log on to , so I click YES. And it returns Error message. It says “Error upgrading table …..”, At the end, there is a button with “continue”, so I press. It says “ database needs to be upgraded”. I click and error again. It seems there is no way I could log on to my ! However, the blog is still online and accessible. The only problems seem to be with the log in. I was really frustrated. Then, I think I should search the for this “Crash of wordpress database”. I found some useful article, and after a few minutes research, I decided that it is time I clean up my database from outside – that is, through cPanel. I log in to my cPanel, and look into my MySQL database manager, there is an option for Repair Database. I back up my database first, and then click Repair Database. Then I log in to my admin area again, this time, it shows the log in screen, but when I log in, it returns invalid password! I tried again, with the same result. I finally have to reset my password and log in again. Success!

I was very happy that I didn’t notice there is something wrong with my wordpress. Last evening, I log in again and everything went fine. Then I look at my Myanmar Man’s wordpress blog, and here, all my static pages were gone! No where! I look into my admin area and there also, all my static pages are completely gone! I was shock! I really have no idea where all my static pages were gone. Then I look into my blog carefully, and found that my pages were republished as posts into my main wordpress page. It is funny as well as crazy. I found out that, when I clean up and repair my wordpress database, the wordpress database clears all the information about the pages. As the pages use the same IDs as posts, they appeared as posts instead of pages. Finally I cut the contents of these posts, pasts them into my new pages, delete the old ones, and republished the new ones. That resolve the problem. Now my wordpress blog is up and running again, without any problem. Or at least that was what I think.
Another problem again comes up later, as I check the pages, and found out that the Archives page returns error. It says something like this:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 82 bytes) in /home/bamarlay/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 814″

How comes the memory is exceeded, I don’t know. I am not sure whether, at first, this is caused by wordpress 2.7 or from too many plug-ins? (I use quite a lot of plug-ins for added functionalty). So I tried disabling some plug-ins. It solved the problem although after  a while, the problem come backs. I did a little search to increase this memory limit, but could not find a way. Finally, I come across an article which mentions about memory limit of PHP file system. The memory limit for a PHP page is 32 MB which is esactly 33554432 bytes! I realize that one of my plug ins is using a lot of memory, and it crashed my pages. However, as the crash occurs only with archive page which uses “Clean Archives Reloaded”, I decided this must be the source of the error, and disable the plug-in. Instead of this plug-in, I use the wordpres built in plug-in for archives, which I did not notice before, and since then, every thing went fine. The only problem left now is the Stat-Press top post widget in my right side bar, which displays tops viewed posts. It is fine if you click the links from the home page, but form any other page, the message “file not found” is return. The problem lies in the permalink structure I use (which is something like “” while the stat press top posts plug in uses structure like “”. When you click the top post link from “”, the click will goes to “”, and the error message returns. I don’t know a bit about php so I don’t know a way to solve this problem. Apart from this, everything is fine.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

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  1. I cannot figure out the problem with the Statpress top posts widget. However, there is another pluging that shows the page views of each post, together with a widget that shows the top visited posts. WP-Postview is a small but excellent plugin which does the thing the name suggest. It also excludes the home page/tag page/category page or any non-single post pages from the list so it is better than stat-press top post widget. You can download the plug in at WP-Postview.

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