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When you visit , you might want to try some dishes. For most foreign visitors, this can be easily done at a local restaurant. There are a number of restaurants in Yangon and all over the country, which offer delicious cuisine. The only problem for a foreign visitor would be to find a nice and decent restaurant, and what dish to order.

Most restaurants in Myanmar that sell Myanmar dishes are not intended for foreigners. Their main customers are local Myanmar people. Thus, they are usually unprepared for an occasional foreign customer who appears without prior warning. Most Myanmar restaurants don’t have menu. Even if they have one, one cannot expect to have a menu written in English. And even an English menu won’t have any meaning for a foreigner if it is not accompanied with a picture of dishes.

However, there is one very simple way to overcome this potential problem. Unlike European or Chinese cuisine, most Myanmar dishes are prepared in bulk, in big pots. They are usually displayed in front of the food counter. For a foreigner who doesn’t have any idea what look like or how to order one, just go to the food counter where they put all the dishes in big pots, and point to any dish that you want to try.

Although some Myanmar restaurants offer quite a variety of dishes, for most Myanmar restaurants, the choice of dishes available is limited. There is always chicken curry, fish curry (this is always fresh water fish as sea fish is not popular among Myanmar people because of its strong smell), pork curry, and egg curry. Some restaurants offer beef, although many people avoid eating beef in Myanmar. Mutton curry is available in some Myanmar restaurants. Frog may be offered seasonally. Soup is always offered together with any dish, and this is mostly free. There are always some vegetables put on the table, together with Myanmar traditional dish fish paste (nga-pi). But in some restaurants, choice of dishes may be more with some rare and exotic dishes like wild cat, rabbit or wild boar. However, this is quite rare, and usually not available in Yangon.

Now comes to the part of where to find a nice . In Yangon, you can find many Myanmar restaurants all over the town although nice and decent Myanmar restaurants are not as many as Chinese restaurants. Most of the Myanmar restaurants are shops open on the road side or attached to a shop house next to the road. However, you can ask taxi drivers to bring you to a nice . There are many famous Myanmar restaurants not far away from Shwedagon Pagoda. For a guide, ask a taxi driver to bring you to “Shwe Ba” . It is the oldest and the most famous in Yangon. Another is “Feel”, which also caters for foreigners. It is also not far away from Shwe Dagon Pagoda.

In Myanmar restaurants, customers usually order one dish with rice. This cost usually 1,000 kyats to 1,500 kyats. You can also order more dishes. Each extra dish will cost from 500 to 1,000 kyats depending on the dish. Rice is usually unlimited.
There is now a new type of Myanmar restaurants where dishes are offered in buffet style. However, I found only one such restaurant in Yangon (haven’t tried yet) but there are a number of Myanmar buffet in Bagan.

Here are addresses of some of the Myanmar restaurants in Yangon


No. 124, Pyihtaungsu Ave., Dagon Township

Danu Byu Daw Saw Yee

No. 157/117, 29th Street, Pabaedan Township, Yangon.
No. 175/177, 29th Street, Pabedan Township, Yangon (these two addresses, I am not sure which one is correct)
96, Insein Rd, Kamayut, Yangon
13/15, Mahabawga Rood, Myaynigone, Yangon

Aung Thu Kha

17(A), West Shwegondine, Bahan Township

I don’t have the address of Shwe Ba Myanmar Restaurant.

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