Myanmar Friends Network

Here is another Myanmar online social networking site. Written in Myanmar (Burmese) language, is another online social networking site that enters into this recent trend among Myanmar (Burmese) people all over the world. You can become member of this online Myanmar social friends network, make friends, send private messages, comments on other friend’s profiles, upload your own photos. There are also sections on forums, chats, web directories, and links to International Universities and educational institutions all over the world. This site seems to be quite a useful and popular social networking site among online . Visit Myanmar Friends Social Network site.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

2 thoughts on “Myanmar Friends Network”

  1. Hi,

    Very informative and nice blog and site you have setup.
    For site design, I’d suggest to keep it simple. on I think archive link didn’t work. Also my articles link is there but no option to register .. so may be you might want to consider removing my articles link or allow registrations the latter might implicate
    controlling of visitor posts. Overall very informative. I’d also suggest you could create a more engaging community based forum or something about myanmar, technology or any other ‘safe’ topics to discuss among members.

  2. Yah, I know it.

    The archives link got problem yesterday when the Clean archives Reloaded plug-in causes memory overflow problem. As the plug-in is so memory intensive that it exceeded the 32 MB limit of PHP file system, I have no way but to remove it. However, I now use the wordpress built in archives system, which is as good and don’t clog my memory. You can view it now at

    The one you mention about – Submit your article is no need for registration, It is actually a test page, intended to be used on another site – You just need to write and post the article – it will be awaiting moderation and will be published once the moderator make editing and approval. No need for registration.

    There is also another problem with, which i think you didn’t notice. The “statpress top posts” on the right most column is not working properly. At first, I use “statpress” plug in. From home page, the links are ok, but if i click the top articles links from any of the other links, it returns error. The problem is, i am using the permalink structure while the plug in use something like The reason i use permalink structure is purely for the search engine optimization. As I cannot use this top-post widget, i have to change to “stat press reloaded”. At first it was ok, but today, it got problems. None of the links are working. Finally, I have to remove the plug in.

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