Improvement on Bamarlay’s Diary

I have added some new improvements to Bamarlay – Myanmar Man’s Diary. First, I cleaned up some clatters in my side bar. This makes the site cleaner, easier to read and more user friendly. Second, I added a custom greeting message at the top of the page. It will greets the new users and the old users differently. Third, I added a new archives and category page . Users can now browse the whole range of archives and categories on a separate page. I also added a new article submission page to the blog. This will enable users to post their own articles – about themselves, their experience, ideas, their website or their products on my site. These articles will be moderated. I also added a comment wall where users can post their comments directly into my blog. Another new feature I added to Bamarlay – Myanmar Man’s Diary is the ability for the users to reply back to the comments made by other users. This will effectively turn the comments into a mini forum. Finally, I have added a new book mark/email link at the end of each article so that users who like my article can share them on social bookmarking sites or email them directly to their friends.

If you want to suggest any thing or want to make any comments, you can either leave a comment or submit in the “Submit Article” page.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

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