Getting Thai Work Permit

If you ever tried to get a in , you will know how complicated it is. Not that it is difficult to get, but the sheer complication of the procedure make it excessively frustrated and stressful. Let me give you a brief overview of Thai procedure.

To get a work permit, you must have a non-immigrant . Any non-immigrant type is OK, but usually, this will be type B non-immigrant . You have to get this non-immigrant before entering Thailand. If you enter with tourist , you cannot change to non-immigrant (except under some certain circumstances). To get a non-immigrant , you need some documents from your employer. The required documents include letter from your organization stating your appointment, your job contract together with your job description, and the letter from Thai authority (this usually is approval letter from Thai Ministry of Labour, or if your are working for NGO, a letter from Ministry of Interior). Don’t worry, these will be handled by your employer. However, here lies some complications, depending on where you apply for your , and your country of origin. Some embassies ask for the air ticket itinery, to show that you are going out of Thailand before the expiry date of your . Believe me, this is rediculous but it happened to many people. Not all embassies though ask for this, but it is wise to prepare this document to avoide inconvenience. Some embassies will give you only type “O” (dependent) if you don’t have a work permit. (Well, you are applying for a work permit!) Don’t argue, there is no difference, Whether you get type O or type B.

Now you come to Thailand, and apply for work permit. You might also start working even before you get the work permit. There is no problem, as long as you apply for it. The labour office will not object to it. They might even come and see you working at your office before they approve your work permit to make sure you are actually working with the organization. (This is rediculous! According to Thai law, you cannot work without work permit). Now, you got your work permit. You think everything is fine now. However, complications start only now.

If you look carefully at your work permit, you will see that it is valid only until the expiry date of the visa, not the end of your contract. Now, the next task is to extend your visa before its expiry date, which might take more than one trip. The immigration will extend your visa for, not one year, but only one month! They will say they need to investigate. (They never do it). Now, go back to your work permit office again, extend another one month. At the appointed date, go back to immigration to get your visa extension. They will give you another 2 or 3 months! Now go back to work permit officem extend again, go back to immigration, extend again …… Phew!

It is not difficult, but complicated. You found yourself running between immigration office and the work permit office. One of my colleague got only one week extension once, and on another occassion, another co-worker did not get visa extension, because his work permit extension was pending. He was not kick out of the country, the immigration told him to wait. Thus he was legally working and staying in Thailand without work permit or visa! This is quite stressful. You cannot concentrate on your work properly. Anyway, you will learn in a few months’ time and will get used to it.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

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  1. To apply for a work permit for working as a teacher in Thailand, what type of required documents must I submit to the Labor Department? Thank you

  2. I don’t know about requirements for work permit for teachers. However, you need to have a diploma/degree on the subject you are going to teach.

  3. I know what your are saying. it really is the pain and they exactly know how to spin your head. 5 sters for the post!!

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