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bamartalkYesterday, I got an email invitation from one of my friends to use a new online telephone calling service. This low cost VOIP internet telephone calling service is different from other services in that it can be used to call Myanmar (Burma). Apparently intended for Myanmar people inside and outside of the country to call each other at low costs. It uses Gtalk to connect to a phone in Myanmar, or from a gtalk user from Myanmar to outside phone. Although the promotional email said it is free, the reality is, it is not a free VOIP service. Only registration is free, but to use the service, you need to buy credit. Call rate to a phone in Myanmar, either fixed land line phone or mobile phone, is US$ 0.18 (18 cents) per minute. Call rates to other countries differ from one country to another, depending on the country.

You can make online payment as well as bank draft and account to account transfer. There are a number of payment methods mentioned on the website. The Bamartalk website explained in details how to connect using gtalk. There is also another method to call out from Myanmar (Burma), without using gtalk. This method uses a call back method. Dial to a certain number, and the server will call your phone back. Then you enter the PIN code and the phone number to call.  For those individuals and businesses, reseller service is also available.

Due to very high charges for overseas calls to and from Myanmar (Burma), this VOIP call service might be popular. However, the reliability and quality of the call is questionable as the internet connection speed in Myanmar is not reliable, with connection speed sometimes as low as a few bytes per seconds. I haven’t used this service yet, as I usually use Skype to Skype or Gtalk to Gtalk for calling to my home, so I don’t know about the quality and reliability of Bamartalk VOIP service. If any of you have used this service, please let me know by dropping a few words in the comment of this post. Your comments will be much appreciated.

Author: Bamarlay

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6 thoughts on “Free (low cost) Phone Call to Myanmar”

  1. I used this service already and quality is pretty good. It’s free as it was advertised. They said i will get $0.50 for every friend (who registers) invited by me. Since yesterday, I invited everyone from my address book. 32 of my friends have registered and now I have $16 in my account 😀
    I’m making alot of free calls all over the world.. Anyway, I can recommend this to everyone. It’s a very good service.
    Not sure from Myanmar, I have asked my family to try it tomorrow. Will let you know,. If anyone have tried from myanmar, pls let us know..

  2. I think I better register with the service and invite my friends as quick as possible. If I am late, all my invitees would already have registered and I won’t get any credit anymore. Thank you for your valuable comment. Please let me know if about your experience calling to Myanmar. You comment is really appreciated

  3. I used bamartalk regularly. And the service is good. But for the last two or three weeks, the website is down. There is a message saying they’re updating their server. So, I can’t use them anymore. Does anybody know what has happened to them?

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