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If you ever set up your own website with a web hosting service, you will realize how cumbersome and frustrating to upload files and folders onto your server using the web based file manager provided by your web host service. For example, to upload a folder containing a few photos, you cannot simply upload the wholoe folder directly to your server. You first need to create the folder first, and then upload into the folder file by file. Imagine uploading 10 folders containging hundreds of files. It will become a nightmare.  Solution? Use file transfer protocol or ftp.

How will you use this ftp? How powerful is it? How easy or complicated is it? Will you need any special knowledge and expertise? How much will I need to pay for a program that will handle this protocol? Well, it is very powerful, you don’t need to pay a single cent, and it is so easy that a primary school student can use this protocol. However, you need an ftp client that is easy to use. Don’t worry. Here comes the FileZilla – the free, easy to use ftp client.

Before using this free, easy to use ftp client, you need to know a few things. Most web hosting services provide ftp assess, and yours probably provide. You need to know user name, password and ftp address. Usually, the user name is the same name you use to log in to your account, password the same password you use with the log in name, and the ftp address However, it might be different. Check in your admin panel.

Now, open the FileZilla, fill in the user name, password and host (ftp address) into the top bar. Leave the port blank. Most probably you won’t need to fill it. Then click Quickconnect. The FileZilla will automatically detect the settings and connect to your ftp account.

Below this top bar, there is a top panel where it shows the progress of the connection and file transfers. Below this are two panels – left one is your local hard disk and right one your remote service. Once connected, the files and folders in your remote server will be shown on the right panel. To transfer, just drag and drop the files and folders. You can transfer one file, one folder or many files and folders at the same time. Usually, you will drag and drop into the public_html (if you are using the php server, for others I don’t know). Don’t touch other folders! It might destroy your whole account.

Not only you can transfer your files from local disk to remote server, you can also download the files and folders from the remote server to your local disk. You can also delete the remote files and folders as well as change their attribute (properties).

FileZilla is totally free and can be downloaded at FileZilla. Mac and Linux versions are also available as well as the FileZilla server.

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