Facial Recognition is FLAWED

“Vietnamese security firm BKIS proved that all Asians look alike – to a ; the firm showed it can fool any popular face-recognition “security” system in any brand-name notebook quite easily with a photo; the built-in webcams on Toshiba, Lenovo and similar notebooks scan eyes and similar conspicuous features, and BKIS simply enhanced those facial parts on the otherwise normal photos to fool the computers; companies that have been hyping facial-recognition as superior to fingerprints or simple passwords had no immediate comment.”

Source: Bangkok Post – Facial Recognition is flawed

I am not sure whether this is true or not. If this is really true, it is quite worrying. Why? The first thing is, I am an Asian, and my notebook with built in facial recognition software installed for security is no longer safe. However, I don’t own an advanced notebook, and I don’t have faith in such kind of biometric. So why worry? There is something to be worried about. Facial recognition is used more and more by law enforcement agencies all over the world, to catch criminals. If Asians are really look alike to facial recognition biometric computer software, then the criminal or terrorist next door could be mistaken with me! That is too bad. It is like a hype now a day on the reliability of the facial recognition softwares by the companies that produce them, but we are not sure how strong these claims are and how reliable these products are. Anyway, I am scared.

Author: Bamarlay

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