Welcome to Chin Land – The most famous song about Chin Hills and Chin Land

The most famous song about and Chin Land, by the same song writer Salai Thaw Na. This song was sung very frequently in Chin Land as well as aired on Myanmar TV quite frequently. This song is also in Burmese. Enjoy.

Author: Bamarlay

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to Chin Land – The most famous song about Chin Hills and Chin Land”

  1. Chin people are very unique I love their culture especially their music I’m a big country fan,I myself is a country singer and most of the songs I scrolled through has that country flavor in it.I love it keep up the good work.
    From the Shan hills to the Chin hills I’m yours
    with love and respect
    Lashio Thein Aung Jimmy Jack

  2. Thank you sir. I love your songs and listen to them alot, especially A-May-Tit-Khu-Thar-Thit-Khu. I am more than honoured by your visit and your comment at my blog.

  3. Dear Ko thein aung,

    It’s great to hear from you..I was growing up with ur lovely songs and appreciate what u contributed to our mother land..


  4. Na Dum Maw how are you my friend.
    Cheers. (by the way what are we drinking? Beer or Khaung-yay)
    just kidding

  5. This is a comment to the comment left by Lashio Thein Aung.

    He hasn’t made any comment yet to the video pages at youtube, uploaded by
    gyaraye to his honor at the early days for his dedication in music entertainments.

    For this site, Bamarlay is still dwelling in Caves, using ethnic-cleansing
    non-standard font zawgee.

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