Really portable Linux – No installation needed

If you want to know how feels like or if you just want to test on your , you can download one of these linux installers freely available on the internet. However, installing linux on the also is risky. The worst is your refuses to reboot, and you end up reformatting the whole hard disk to reinstall windows, thus losing all your important data. Believe me, it already occured to me once. In other instances, your linux will not recognize some peripheries such as mouce and key board. And many times, linux is difficult to uninstall.

However, there is a risk free solution. The solution is a portable linux. I found a truly portable linux distribution called Damn Small Linux. Damn Small Linux, as its name implies, is a really small distribution of linux that you can run striaight from your CD or USB drive. That is right. Just plug your USB drive or put the CD, and restart your computer. Your computer should be able to boot from USB drive or you should change the bios to boot from CD. You don’t need to install the Linux. Within seconds, you will see that you are using linux.

You can also install it in you hard disk but the developer claimed this distribution is intended to use from CD or USB drive.

You can download the Damn Small Linux (DSL) from the developer’s website.

Author: Bamarlay

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