More ways to post images into Gmail

A few months ago, I posted an article on a simple and easy way to insert an image into message. Everybody knows that it is difficult to insert an image into a message directly. Many people found it very useful and I am pleased to be able to help you all. Many people give me some neat, useful and easy ways to insert images and pictures into messages. I will sum up some of them here.

1. The one I mentioned is to compose your message, either simple one or html message, in google doc, then copy and paste the whole message into gmail.

2. If the pciture is on the internet, just right click, select view image, click ctrl-A (to select all, not just the image) and ctrl-C (to copy the html codes). Then go and paste it in gmail. Remember one thing, don’t click the image and copy. It won’t work. You need all those html codes, not just the image. If your image is not on the internet, then upload it to either flickr or picasa, and do the same thing.

3. You can download a small program called iClippy from the internet. The publisher says it is to paste the images directly into web applications such as email and chats. I haven’t tried it yet but it seems to be useful. You can download it at or from

4. If you are using Firefox, like I do, then you can install the Firefox plug in called GmailSkins. I haven’t tried it out yet but you can download it from site. It might be useful.

5. OK. Here is the one I like best. I compose my message in Zoho Writer – a free web based online word processor. I compose my message in a beautiful formatting, put my images in appropriate places, and copy the whole message. Then paste it into the gmail.

I believe these will satisfy most of your requirements.

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