Cyclone Nargis Hit Yangon, Myanmar’s capital

Cyclone Nargis
Cyclone Nargis
Cyclone Nargis Satellite photo

Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar’s former capital Yangon (Rangoon) early this morning, causing heavy destruction and devastation. The cyclone Nargis, a category 3 cyclone, passed through Irrawaddy (Ayarwaddy) delta area and Yangon, this morning. According to official announcement, the wind blew at more than 150 km per hour at its peak. Many roofs are blown away, and many trees uprooted. The official MRTV television and radio stations as well as City FM radio station were off for a few hours. The electricity is cut off and phone lines were also cut off. The internet is also down, and mobile phones become difficult to connect. Only three causalities have been reported so far.

Myanmar authority has delcared state of emergency in five states and divisions hit by the cyclone – Irrawaddy, Yangon, Pegu, Mon State and Karen State.

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