How to insert images and pictures in Gmail

is cool, really cool and I use it as my primary mail. I used to use other emails before but now I use as my sole email. I even assess my office pop mail using ’s pop collector. However, there are a few things that I like to see in .

1. You cannot insert images and pictures into gmail message. You can send them as an attachment but you cannot insert them into the message body.

2. You cannot format the message using html. That is too bad.

OK, they are too bad but you can still do these, and it is not difficult. Very easy indeed.

To so these, first, open a google document. Write your message with message in it. Just write anything you want and insert any picture or image anywhere you want in the message. After you finish, just select the whole page and copy. Then go to gmail, open the compose window, and paste. Done! It is that easy.

Now what if you want to do some html formatting? Go to google pages, create a new web page (no, you don’t need to publish it), and do what ever you want. Then select all, copy and paste in gmail. Bingo!

Hope you find it useful.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

16 thoughts on “How to insert images and pictures in Gmail”

  1. Thank you for this information. It was just what I needed to help a friend gmail a message about her new book with photos of book cover and author.

    We both hope you and your family are safe and well in aftermath of the cyclone. We would have contributed to relief efforts anyway, but now have our own Myanmar connection.

    God bless you.

  2. As a fan of Gmail I’d like to thanks you so much for the information which I’ve found very useful..


  3. Better way. If the image is on the net, then right click and view image in new window. Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C. You can then easily paste it in the gmail compose new mail window.

  4. It’s possible to insert images into a Gmail message directly. I do it everytime when I write a message.

  5. Thank you for the idea to compose in Google Docs, I hadn’t thought of that! It is a great idea and another cool tool in my (mental) toolbox!

    James Luscher, Madison,WI,USA

  6. here’s an easier way. Check out – it does just that – allows you to copy-n-paste images directly into your webmail without any change in behavior.

  7. chay zu tin bar deh 🙂

    This is a huge coincidence, I was just looking for a way to put some images in my gmail newsletter and found a BURMESE guy blogging about it. This is quite a rare occurrence on the internet. Anyway, nice to meet you, my name is Lynn Thu Tun and I live in San Francisco.

  8. I wanted to share a forward which had a beautiful image, and got so frustrated trying to copy paste it onto my compose page!! i tried through MS word too. finally i googled it and came across your blog, and i thought “what could a blog tell me?” but my msg has gone very much image-full, thankyou for posting this =D

  9. Wow!! Thanks a lot for this post. Now I can send the new year greeting card and other greeting card via gmail to my client. You know, I used to attach the card before. It’s not so smart for a company.

    Thanks a lot for this post and it is my first time to read your blog. I’ve seen your link in Ko Nyi Lynn Seck blog and other blogs but I never thought to visit cos of “banned problem” of blogspot in Myanmar. Now I visit your blog through Ko Thet Htoo’s post and his suggestion to visit here.

    How poor I’m to visit here lately. Let me also link your blog in mine.


  10. Thank your for visiting my blog and for leaving a very encouraging comment. Any link is appreciated. 🙂

  11. May you tell me how I can get into gmail inbox and send and receive functions when gmail is blocked.

    Wishing you blessing.

  12. In Myanmar, we usually use https access for gmail. It is not blocked by Myanmar ISP. I am not sure whether it is because they cannot block the https access or simply they miss this point, but we are still using it without any problem. All the gmail functions are intact. Moreover, nobody can read your message as it is encrypted. Please try it if you are in Burma (Myanmar).

    In case you cannot use it, you can use one of the online proxies or gmail tools on the internet. I used to use “gmail lite” for this. But be careful as the proxy provider might be stealing your gmail user name and password. If you intend to use the proxy, make sure you don’t use your main gmail account. If they steal your account information, your main account will still be secured.

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