Start of Rainy Season in Chin Hills

In Myanmar, rainy season usually starts in June. In , it usually starts near the end of May. However, this year the rain starts even before May. It started raining at the end of April, one whole month ahead of usual time. It rained quite heavily during the whole month of May. It was still raining the whole month of June.
Rainy season in Chin Hills is quite different from other places in Myanmar. During the rainy season, you rarely see the sun. Not because it is always raining. Although it rains almost everyday, the rain is not continuous. However, whether it rains or not, the sky is usually covered with could. Sunny days in Chin state, during the rainy season are quite a rarity.
When it starts raining, the sky suddenly gets dark, the wind suddenly gets stronger, and cloud suddenly covers everything. In Chin Hills, the cloud not only hangs above the sky. It is everywhere. It is above, around you and below. Because the mountains are so high, some of the cloud hangs lower than the mountains. And when cloud blows towards you, you suddenly disappeared in it.
Because it sometimes rains heavily, landslides are quite frequent. Sometimes because of heavy landslides, roads become inaccessible for days, or sometimes even weeks. In that case, travelers have to walk across the landslide to get to the other side of the mountain. There are occasional road accidents in Chin Hills during the rainy season with some casualties too. Well, life here in Chin Hills is quite tough.

Author: Bamarlay

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