My Hospital in the Hills by Gordan S. Seagrave

A few years ago, I received an old book from a friend of mine. The title of the book is “My Hospital in the Hills” and the author is Gordon S. Seagrave. Although it has been with me for nearly three years, it took many months to start reading the book, until a few months ago, when I started flipping the cover. And as soon as I started reading the first page, it took me through to the end of the book. Not only is the book interesting, it portrayed the social, economic, political and historical aspects of The Union of Burma during her early days of independence. Dr. Seagrave was a famous surgeon who opened his missionary hospital in Namkhan, a small town in northern Shan State. Here he established himself as an outstanding surgeon, known all over the world as “Burma Surgeon” His hospital doors were always opened to all those patients, rich or poor, who came from every corner of the country. He was a real life saver at a time where there were very few skilled surgeons in the early and turmoil days of The Union.

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