Myanmar has first Birdflu Outbreak in a year

According to a Reuters report, Myanmar has a new outbreak of bird flu in Yangon. U Than Hla of the Ministry of Livestock Breeding & Fisheries told Reuters that fowl on four farms on the northern outskirts of Yangon were tested positive for the virus. The outbreak on the largest of the farms prompted the culling of all 1,500 chickens and ducks on it, he said.

Reuters News report stated:
“The owner of the farm informed us immediately and we carried out necessary tests. The results of the laboratory tests showed it was H5N1. Arrangements are under way to have the specimen tested at the reference laboratories abroad,” Than Hla said.
“It is in a residential area and we are taking all possible measures to control the situation and to monitor the spread,” he said, adding that so far there had been no trace of the virus spreading to humans.

I don’t know whether it is true or not but people are avoiding chicken in Yangon. Everybody already know about it and tells everybody to stop eating chicken.

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