Myanmar Character Picker – Myanmar (Burmese) Virtual Keyboard


Well, here is a Myanmar Character Picker, where users can input Myanmar texts without knowing Myanmar keyboard. It is a neat little program and looks quite useful and easy. Unfortunately, there are a few short comings especially as I cannot find Ya-Yit and Ya-Pint, as well as I don’t know how to write Pat-Sint. Also there are some unfamiliar Myanmar characters, too. Can anybody make sense of this little useful utility. If anyone of you know how to write Myanmar without using keyboard, please post it in the comments. Also let us all know if you know how to put ya-pint and ya-yit in this Myanmar (Burmese) character picker.

For now, here is Myanmar Character Picker/ Myanmar Virtual Keyboard/ Burmese Virtual Keyboard.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

3 thoughts on “Myanmar Character Picker – Myanmar (Burmese) Virtual Keyboard”

  1. A new virtual Myanmar keyboard is avilable: this freeware may work directly
    with most XP softwares even with Word, ICQ or MSN Messenger.

    It’s available on: < -- Virtual Myanmar Keyboard Please notice that it works only with unicode fonts (the unicode font “Myanmar 1” is installed with the software
    ifyou don’t have one)

    Have a try! It’s really easy to use.

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