Old Yangoon (Rangoon) in 1914

Here is what Rangoon (Yangon) was look like in 1914. Yes, this is not a photo, this is a map! An old map showing the area of then Rangoon. Royal lake is the Kandawgyi, and the area marked in yellow is the Cantonment. You can see that Rangoon then was just the downtown area and around Kandawgyi Lake. Click on the image to view at large size.

Author: Bamarlay

Bamarlay - Myanmar man is a blogger from Myanmar, currently living in Thailand.

3 thoughts on “Old Yangoon (Rangoon) in 1914”

  1. Hello Ko Myat Thura,
    Do you have the high-resolution image of the map of Old Yangoon (Rangoon) in 1914?
    I would like to get it for my project paper of Urban Development and history of Yangon.

    Appreciate your blog!

    Zaw Naing
    Center for Advanced Studies on International Development
    Michigan State University

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I was born in Rangoon in 1947 and left shortly after. While looking into my family history, I found that my parents were living at 72, U Wisara Road in Rangoon before they left Burma when the Japanese invaded in the 2nd World War. As far as I know my father’s family home was in Voyle Road, Rangoon. Do you have a detailed street map of Rangoon I could look at to pinpoint the places they lived. It would be most appreciated.
    Yours sincerely,

    Phillip White.

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